Name Position Represents Term# Ends
Lynch, Wesley Chair ---- 1 9/13
Donahue, Tim Member Faculty Senate 1 9/15
Dougher, Tracy Member Faculty Senate 1 9/15
Durham, Greg Member Faculty Senate 1 9/15
Lynch, Wesley Member Faculty Senate - 9/13
vacant Ex officio Institutional Equity - ----


Screen nominations for standing committees and present a preliminary slate of committee members for final approval by Faculty Senate. Suggest duties not specifically stated in the Constitution or By-Laws of the Senate. Make tenure and replacement decisions for standing committees. Study the effectiveness of each standing committee in performing its functions and make recommendations for change as necessary.


As required


Voting Members: Three members of the faculty, and one chair

Voting Ex Officio Member: A designee of the Director of Institutional Equity

Length of Term

Members serve three year, staggered terms.

Appointed By

Three members of the faculty are elected by Faculty Senate. A designee of the Institutional Equity office is appointed by the Institutional Equity Director.


Current--Wesley Lynch

Title--Professor, Psychology

Appointed By--Faculty Senate Election

Length of Term--Two years

Advisory To

Faculty Senate

Reports Due

As requested and as necessary according to University committee vacancies and business.

Mechanism for Changing This Information

Changes may be made to committee structure and information only in accordance with Faculty Senate Constitution and By-Laws. Authorization of changes comes only through the Secretary to Faculty Senate, with the approval of the current Chair and Vice Chair of Faculty Senate.