Name Position Represents Term# Ends
Dunn, Jennifer A Chair Admissions - ----
Goebel, Kellie Member Students 1 9/08
Stanislao, Stacy Member Students 1 9/08
Adams, Jeffrey P Ex officio Provost's Office - ----
Ashley, Bonnie B Ex officio Registrar's Office - ----
Beckendorf, Judi Ex officio University Studies - ----
Bondy, Jeffrey Scott Ex officio Residence Life - ----
Brown, Tammie Ex officio Residence Life - ----
Burk, Steve Jason Ex officio Admissions - ----
Cegler, Tyler Ex officio Admissions - ----
Donnelly, Diane Lageson Ex officio University Studies - ----
Inskeep, Patricia Ex officio Student Activities - ----
Kayser, Jennifer Lynn Ex officio Admissions - ----
Mueller, Hilja Ex officio Admissions - ----
Osborne, Lois M Ex officio Registrar's Office - ----
Ouert, Mike Ex officio Admissions - ----
Russell, Ronda Ex officio Admissions - ----
Sherick, Heidi Ex officio College of Engineering - ----
Stoltz, Ron Ex officio Admissions - ----
Traeger, Kelsy Ex officio Admissions - ----
Wigert, Monika Ex officio Registrar's Office - ----
York, Brenda Kay Ex officio Disability, Re-entry & Veteran's Service - ----


Advise and assist the Orientation Coordinator in the presentation of orientation and registration programs for new students at Montana State University-Bozeman.


As needed.


Voting Members: Two students with prior orientation experience.

Voting Ex Officio Members: Staff from Student Affairs who work on the Orientation Program, currently including Orientation Coordinator; Director, Admissions and New Student Services; Program Assistant, Orientation; Admissions Representatives; Enrollment Management Analyst, Admissions and New Student Services; Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education; Assistant Director, Registrar's Office; Registrar's Representatives; Director of Residence Life; Assistant Director of Residence Life; Assistant Dean of the College of Engineering; Director of Student Activities; Director of University Studies; ITC Representative; Dean of Students; Director of Disability, Re-entry and Veteran Services.

Length of Term

The students serve one year terms.

Appointed By

The students are selected by the orientation staff.


Current--Jennifer Dunn

Title--Assistant Director of New Student Programs

Appointed By--Director, Admissions and New Student Services

Length of Term--Term of office

Advisory To

Admissions and New Student Services

Reports Due

As requested