Name Position Represents Term# Ends
Stocks, Melanie J Chair Administration 1 6/12
Rabel, Tricia Member Professionals 1 6/12
Bonnand, Sheila Member Faculty 2 6/14
McCarty, Wendy Member Classified-union 1 6/13
Arlitsch, Kenning Member Deans 1 6/14
Hietala, Robert Member Deans 1 6/14
Paceley, Merry Member Classified-Exempt 2 6/13
Alt, Susan Ex officio Employee & Labor Relations - ----
Letendre, Diane Ex officio Affirmative Action - ----


Review and recommend improvements to personnel policies; serve as a grievance review board for nonacademic employees who are not represented by a collective bargaining unit organization.


As needed


Voting Members: Two classified employees (one union, one union exempt), one professional nonacademic employee; two academic deans; one academic faculty.

Voting Ex Officio Members: Director, Affirmative Action.

Nonvoting Ex Officio Members: Assistant Vice President for Administration and Finance; Director, Personnel and Payroll Services

Length of Term

Members serve two year terms

Appointed By

The President appoints the following members: classified employees from nominations submitted by Staff Senate; the professional nonfaculty employee from nominations submitted by Professional Council; the academic faculty employee from nominations submitted by Faculty Council; and deans from Deans' Council.


Current--Melanie Stocks

Title--Sports Facilities Director

Appointed By--Vice President for Administration and Finance

Length of Term--Two years

Advisory To

President, for grievances; Vice President for Administration and Finance, and Director of Personnel Services, on matters of policy and procedure.

Reports Due

Minutes of all meetings to the Vice President for Administration and Finance; other reports as requested.