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First-time, Full-time Freshmen

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The Student Right-to-Know Act of 1990 requires an institution participating in any student financial assistance program under Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965 to disclose graduation rates to current and prospective students. The rates below have been calculated for each fall's entering class of first-time, full-time, degree-seeking freshmen, in accordance with the definitions established by the Student Right-to-Know Act.

The retention rates are calculated from fall to fall. Graduation rates are cumulative; for any year, they include students who graduated fall, spring, or the following summer term. Students who did not return to MSU-Bozeman did not necessarily drop out of school. Some of the nonreturning students transferred to other colleges and universities. Others interrupted their college education by joining the military, the Peace Corps, or a church mission. MSU-Bozeman is not able to track nonreturning students in a systematic way.

Profiles of high school background, retention rates, and graduation rates are available for the following cohorts of first-time, full-time, degree-seeking freshmen: