Depending on the nature of your research, your protocol may not require a formal Consent Form. However, please include a simple, written consent statement that includes the following. This information can be used as an introduction to a survey. 

    1. An introduction of yourself and your research purposes to your subjects - must clearly state that this is research conducted by Montana State University
    2. Contact info for yourself (lead PI) should subjects have any questions
    3. Contact info for the MSU IRB (use the general [email protected] email or contact info on the website) 
    4. Explain how/where/when you plan to use subject feedback with relevant details on anonymity or lack thereof
    5. State this or similar phrasing: Participation is voluntary and you can choose to not answer any questions you do not want to answer and/or you can stop at any time.
    6. State this or similar phrasing: Proceeding with the survey/interview/questionnaire indicates your consent to participate.