Climbing Resources and FAQ

What climbing gear do we offer?

Rock climbing

  • Climbing Shoes
  • Chalk Bag
  • Crash Pad: bifold and trifold
  • Climbing Helmet: BD Half Dome


Ice Climbing and Mountaineering

  • Ice Climbing Tools
  • Ice Climbing Crampons
  • Mountaineering Crampons
  • Mountaineering Boots
  • Mountaineering Axe
  • Gaiters


Where can I climb around Bozeman?

Want to learn more about Sport or Trad climbing? Check out these articles: sport climbing basics and trad climbing basics. More details and maps of climbing areas are also available through Mountain Project and the Crag.

How do I size a climbing shoe?

  • Your street shoe size is a good starting point, then adjust sizing based on how the shoe feels.
  • To test the fit, try on the shoes and raise your heel while pressing your toe into the ground - you should feel tension in the rubber keeping the shoe snug against your foot
  • There should be no excess bagging on top of the toe box or air pockets between the bottom of your heel and the heel cup of the shoe – if this occurs you likely need to size down.
  • The shoe should be snug but not painful – if there is any sensation of toe crushing, curling, or any intense pain you likely need to size up.
  • Keep in mind that most people’s feet are two slightly different sizes, so it may require a bit of trial and error to find shoes that are comfortable for both of your feet.
  • Here is a helpful guide with even more information about how to choose the correct size!