The Bobcat Parent Council (BPC) is a University-wide volunteer network created and supported by the Office of the Dean of Students and the MSU Alumni Foundation (MSUAF).  BPC members will become knowledgeable about campus activities and assist the Dean of Students with various aspects of the Bobcat Parent & Family program.   In addition, BPC members will receive special updates and access to MSU’s Dean of Students and will be invited to attend various MSU and MSUAF events.  


Additionally, BPC members will be asked to: 

  • Provide feedback to MSU administration on important issues.
    • To provide external input and guidance on university issues.
    • To learn about new programs and give feedback on existing programs.
    • To support the development and implementation of a robust parent and family program.
  • Assist in enrollment efforts and publicly advocating for MSU.
    • To create enhanced parent to parent interactions through event participation.
    • Be familiar with MSU staff that can assist new parents with admissions questions.
  • Offer advice to MSU regarding current parent and family programs and fundraising efforts.
    • To inform parent and family members of current students on the importance of giving.
    • Participate in solicitation and/or thanking parents who have donated to MSU.



  • Work closely with the Office of the Dean of Students and the MSUAF to develop appropriate communications and programs for parents.
  • Serve as a leadership group for the University representing all parent and family members. 
  • Volunteer during parent weekends, orientations and events to help engage and inform other Bobcat parents and about our goals of outreach, support and giving participation.  



  • Strong enthusiasm and passion for MSU and its programs and initiatives. 
  • Ability and willingness to learn about MSU programs and opportunities available to students.
  • Willing to become involved with MSU outreach as a component of the parent program while assisting in volunteer positions.
  • Be the parent of a current or former MSU student. 



  • Attendance at two meetings a year, in addition to offering consultation to the Dean of Students, as needed.  The annual meeting will be held during the Fall Parent/Family Weekend.  Meetings will be either in person or teleconference.
  • Willingness to be a vocal advocate for MSU and the Bobcat Parent & Family Program.
  • An annual donation to the Dean of Students’ excellence account in support of Bobcat Parent & Family programs.


Term:  The term length shall be one year starting July 1.  


Bobcat Parent Council contact:

Matthew R. Caires, Dean of Students 

(406) 994-2826