Name Position Represents
Bunko, Matt Ex officio Auxilary Services
vacant Ex officio Campus Planning, Design & Construction (CPDC)
Hess, Greg Ex officio Information Technology Center (ITC)-Networking
Lawver, Dean Ex officio MontanaPBS
Ramhorst, Neil Ex officio Industry Representative-Technical Consultant
Simmons, Pat Coordinator Facilities Services
Zeter, David Ex officio Information Technology Center (ITC)-Communications


As a Committee of University Facilities Planning Board (UFPB), review new and modification applications, for the siting and installation of University and non-university wireless telecommunications antenna and apparatus, or similar equipment, and associated enclosures, with respect to technical and institutional parameters.  All work is in accordance with the Telecommunications Antenna and Apparatus Siting Policy.


As needed


The TAC is made up of representatives of ITC, MontanaPBS-KUSM, Auxiliary Services, CPDC, and other interested parties selected by CPDC.

Member Responsibilities

Committee members are selected on the basis of one or more of the following:

  • the Specific responsibilities related to their position (ex officio);
  • their particular expertise, knowledge or interest relating to the responsibilities of the committee and/or the campus in general;
  • to represent the interests of a particular constituent group.

In recognition of the importance of MSU's commitment to Shared Governance, MSU's dynamic participative governance processes actively solicit input, advice and perspective from all campus constituencies to inform the institution's administrative leadership regarding campus issues, policies, procedures that impact the direction of the institution. Therefore, in addition to the active participation in committee activities by each member, the responsibilities of committee members who represent a constituent group, and particularly those who represent an MSU governance body (e.g. Faculty Senate, Professional Council, Staff Senate, ASMSU), include regular, timely reports to their governance body and dissemination of appropriate and relevant information to their constituents, as well as reciprocal solicitation of constituent group input regarding issues before the Committee.

Length of Term

Serve until replaced

Appointed By

Coordinator is appointed by the Director of Campus Planning Design & Construction (CPDC)



Advisory To

University Facilities Planning Board (UFPB)

Reports Due

As needed