The MSU Office of Communications coordinates motion, still photo and audio recording requests from film companies, photographers, producers and other media representatives. 

News Media

Requests for news reporting should be directed to the MSU News Service Director:

Michael Becker
Director, MSU News Service
*News media wishing to film with a UAS (drone) must complete a Request to Film application.


MSU Staff and Students

Campus departments filming for official MSU purposes or academic work should:

  • Contact University Communications and make them aware of the project.
  • Advise building supervisors.
  • Procure model releases for individuals featured in the piece. 
  • Receive authorization from a parent or guardian in order for minors to appear in an MSU video.

All Other Producers and Photographers

A signed filming request is required to film, photograph, location scout or record audio on any MSU-owned property. The request must be submitted at least 14 days in advance of the date of filming. Completion of the request does not guarantee permission to film.



Questions regarding locations, stock footage, permitting and releases

Kelly Gorham
Director of Visual media

Questions regarding locations, branding, permitting and licensing

Julie Kipfer
Chief Marketing Officer

Questions regarding news media

Michael Becker
Director, MSU News Service

Anne Cantrell
Assistant Director, MSU News Service

Questions regarding traffic, security, parking, safety

University Police