How much notice must I give before filming?

MSU requires a minimum of 14 days notice before filming. The amount of time required is also dependent on the photographer/producer's availability of necessary certificates of insurance.

Where can I film?

Filming, photography or audio recording is allowed, with an approved permit, in most exterior locations, common areas and lobbies of buildings, laboratories, sidewalks and some classrooms. Locations will be approved on a case-by-case basis and is contingent on the academic calendar and availability. 

Do I need script approval from the University?

The University requires a description of the project in the Request To Film application, and in some cases, may require script approval.

Can I bring my own caterer?

All food and beverage sold and provided, or catering needs, on campus must be supplied by MSU University Catering. For menus, catering policies and more information, call 406-9943336, email [email protected].

Can I film stock footage of the campus?

Stock footage and photography of MSU-owned properties is prohibited.

How do I park on campus?

There is a charge for parking on campus Monday through Friday between the hours of 6a.m. –6p.m. Parking is available in the pay section of the garage of S. Seventh Ave. adjacent to Norm Asbjornsen Hall on a per hour basis. To request temporary permission to use campus loading docks, service drives, and delivery areas from University Police, please call UP at 406-9941723 during business hours. Please call 406-994-2121 and select option 3 for after hours permission.

How can I find more information about MSU's film and photography policy?

You can view the MSU Film, Photography and Audio Recording Policy via this link.

Can I fly a drone at MSU?

Filming or photography with an unmanned aerial vehicle or UAV is permitted with signed permission. When filling out the Request to Film application provide the pilot's name, scan of the pilot's FAA license, the make, model and FAA UAS registration number of the uav and attach a copy of the UAV insurance certificate. For more information, please see the MSU Unmanned Aircraft Systems Policy.