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Chris Fastnow

Keely Holmes

Suzi Taylor
Randy Babbitt Chris Livingston Ian Godwin
Tami Eitle Sara Mannheimer Ron Larsen
Jordan Garceau Brendan Mumey Jeanne Marie Callahan
Alison Harmon    


I.  Call to Order.

II.  Introductions and Announcements

A. Alison announced that a new degree program in Hospitality Management was working through the program approval process.

III.  Informational Items

  1. Strategic Plan Year 2 Progress Reports
    • Just mailed to campus constituents, extra copies available.  Chris thanked all for their good work
  2. Mission Review Document
    • Council had a chance to review this document during the summer,  Provost Potvin scheduled to present it to Board of Regents Sept 18.

IV.  Business

  1. NWCCU Mid Cycle Accreditation Report – Associate Provost Ron Larsen
    • Ron discussed the new accreditation cycle and standards – focus on outcomes assessment
    • Ron presented an executive summary of the accreditation report
    • Ron requested that PC take on target setting for accreditation year 7 report.
    • Discussion followed; PC will review baselines for those metrics where data is only recently available and set hard targets where appropriate.
    • BOR scheduled to adopt MSU Strategic Plan as our Core Theme document this week. Once that happens, PC’s work tracking progress on SP metrics becomes accreditation tracking too.

B. Preliminary priorities discussion – Chris Fastnow

    • Cabinet discussions about ways to further strategic plan progress are focusing on 12 projects that will enhance Stewardship, Learning, and Integration.

-  Stewardship focuses should allow for better service (fiscal and human resource objectives) and cost savings that can be directed to learning, discovery, engagement, integration and access goals.

-  Some of the projects targeted at learning and integration more directly

    • Will continue to discuss this in PC, Faculty Senate, other venues.

V.  Other Business

  1. No other business

Next Meeting: JOINT meeting with Budget Council and President, Tuesday, OCTOBER 28 @ 3:00 PM, President’s Conference Room


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