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Chris Fastnow

Terry Leist

Kathy Attebury
Randy Babbitt Chris Livingston Becca Belou
Virginia Bratton Sara Mannheimer Jeanne Marie Callahan
Adam Edelman Brendan Mumey Ian Godwin
Tami Eitle Martha Potvin Becky Mahurin
Alison Harmon Jerry Sheehan Ron Larsen
Keely Holmes   Kathy Tanner


I.  Call to order

II.  Approval of Minutes from Sept 16

A.  The minutes were approved by consensus

III.  Follow up from NWCCU visit – Ron Larsen

A.  Ron presented the preliminary comments from the reviewers as they related to PC work.

B.  Ron suggested to address concerns about the strategic plan/accreditation metrics that PC revisit those metrics with less concrete targets like “improve” and “increase.”

C.  Discussion followed.  PC will revisit these metrics over time

IV.  Announcements

A.  Chris presented the updates on Access and Learning that have been given at University Council in October and November

B.  Discussion followed about whether to adjust targets in the plan.  Consensus was to maintain a multi-year outlook and adjust those according to new environmental factors, not revise the original 2019 targets.  This will come up again as we discuss establishing priorities within the plan.

V.  APLU Innovation and Economic Prosperity Designation – Becky Mahurin

A.  Becky informed the  Council of MSU’s intent to apply for this designation, similar to process for Carnegie Engaged University designation, that recognizes universities for significant contributions and innovations in talent, innovation, and place

B.  PC members will have a chance to weigh in on MSU’s impact and efforts, review documents, participate in stakeholder surveys

C.  We need to demonstrate an underlying vision/plan to impact the economy of MT.  When it comes time to re-apply, reviewers will look for our efforts in these areas relative to our plans/priorities as presented in the self-study

D.  PC can point to areas of the strategic plan that underpin these efforts – engagement, integration, perhaps others.

VI.  Follow up from Joint Budget/Planning Council meeting

A.  Priority setting role:

    • Joint meeting established a need for setting some near term priorities within the strategic plan – one to two year spotlights on specific areas, like Year of Engaged Leadership
    • PC has lead role in priority setting exercise
    • How do we do this?

- Regular (annual) and consistent updates and reviews of metrics

-  Deep dive into metrics – who is participating, are there uneven levels of achievement, are the external factors influencing MSU’s efforts/achievements

-  Constituent feedback, use other Councils for input

-  Some specific proposals for narrowing focus:

--  focus on those metrics/objectives where we are very close to or very far from the target

--  Existing documentation and requirements: unit plans, core themes, performance funding, other MUS initiatives

B.  Timeline discussion – postponed to December meeting

Next Meeting: Tuesday, December 16 @ 2:00 PM, President’s Conference Room


Download a PDF copy of these minutes.