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Chris Fastnow

Janet Heiss-Arms

Kathy Attebury
Randy Babbitt Keely Holmes Becca Belou
Virginia Bratton Christopher Livingston Jeanne Marie Callahan
Adam Edelman Brendan Mumey Ian Godwin
Tami Eitle Myles Watts Kim Obbink


I.  Welcome and Announcements

II.  Approval of Minutes from November 18, 2014

III.  Scheduling for Spring Council meetings

  • Fourth Wednesdays, 1-3 pm

IV.  Strategic Plan Progress Updates

  • Chris Fastnow presented metric updates for Discovery and Stewardship. These will be presented to University Council over the next couple of months.
  • PC members discussed trends

V.  Discussion: Planning and Budget Timeline and Process

  • Chris presented a draft proposal for university priority planning, departmental programmatic planning, budgeting, and implementation. Planning Council would continually assess progress on the strategic plan, with priority setting the main task each spring for the fiscal year one full year out (e.g. this spring 15, we will propose priorities for FY 2016-17).  Cabinet, Budget Council, departments and divisions would have enough time to use those priorities to plan programs and budgets.
  • Budget Council and UPdate Budget are also working on a new timeline (in line with this one) for the university budget process.
  • PC members discussed the info needed to set priorities (continued discussion from Nov meeting).
    • JJCBE widespread assessment example
    • Using constituent group feedback, PC members as conduits
    • External drivers, e.g performance funding, accreditation, etc.

VI.  Other Business

  • No other business

Next Meeting: January 28, 2015 1 pm, PCR


Download a PDF copy of these minutes.