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Kathy Attebury
Randy Babbitt Sara Mannheimer Becca Belou
Virginia Bratton Brendan Mumey Becky Mahurin
Adam Edelman Nicol Rae Brett Walker
Janet Heiss-Arms Christina Sieloff  
Keely Holmes Myles Watts  


I.   Welcome and announcements

II.  Minutes from February 25, 2015 were approved

III.  Information/Updates

A.  Update Core Working Group – Brett Walker

Brett Walker updated the Council on the Core working group’s preliminary recommendations, tying the proposed and existing Core to the University’s Strategic Plan goals.  Proposals are likely to include an advanced writing requirement, a revamping of the university seminar, and a much more intentional interdisciplinary approach.  An E designation, with a broad definition of engagement, is a possible outcome, perhaps coupled with the R experience.  Learning outcomes that the University desires all students to master will need to be defined, and faculty who teach in the Core will have to better incorporate those outcomes and appropriate assessments into their courses. 


  • the extent to which current core courses will be changed or re-created
  • themes or tracks of university seminar
  • tradeoffs for employers between general skills and mastery of disciplinary knowledge
  • perceptions of core’s relevance to students

B.  APLU Innovation and Economic Prosperity designation application – Becky Mahurin

Becky Mahurin updated the group on the APLU IEP application and self-study.  The designation recognizes universities who impact talent, place, and innovation.  The steering committee conducted internal and external stakeholder surveys and held a listening session with statewide business, non-profit, and government reps.  Becky interviewed dozens of innovators on campus.  A draft of the application will be ready soon with the theme of “Integration,” highlighting what we do well and where we want to go. 

The Council agreed to use the application as a data source in the prioritization process for FY18 to take place in Spring 2016.

C.  Engagement Goal progress report draft

Postponed until April

IV.  Discussion: prioritization

Postponed until April 

Next meeting: May 27, 2015, 1 p.m., Hamilton Hall – working meeting, 2 hours


Download a PDF copy of these minutes.