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Chris Fastnow

Terry Leist

Jeanne Marie Callahan
Walt Banziger Sara Mannheimer Tracy Ellig
Virginia Bratton Brendan Mumey  
Tami Eitle Nicol Rae  
Janet Heiss-Arms    
Keely Holmes    


I.  Welcome and announcements

Chris thanked departing members Adam Edelman, Alison Harmon, Christina Sieloff, and Myles Watts.  We will welcome new members officially at our next meeting.

II.  Minutes from March 25, 2015


III.  Discussion:  prioritization recommendation draft

  • General agreement with draft memo. Will send to President Cruzado
  • Discussion re: next steps – discuss with President and leadership team
  • Inform councils and governance groups
  • Move into the planning/budget cycle

IV.  Other business

Summer meeting schedule – no meetings in June or July, resume in August

Next Meeting: August 26, 2015, 1-2 p.m. in PCR


Download a PDF copy of these minutes.