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Chris Fastnow

Brendan Mumey

Becca Belou
Michael Babcock Katie O'Keefe Jeanne Marie Callahan
Ginny Bratton Martha Potvin Ian Godwin
Tami Eitle Nicol Rae Ron Larsen
Keely Holmes Tricia Seifert Randy Stephens (for Walt Banziger)
Terry Leist Nora Smith  
Sara Mannheimer    


I.  Welcome and Announcements

PC welcomes a new student member, ASMSU Senator Katie O’Keefe.

II.  Approval of Minutes from August 26, 2015

III.  Information/Updates

A.  Sept UC Update on Integration

PC received the most recent presentation to University Council on the Integration goal.

IV.  Discussion:

A.  Metrics to focus on in Fall 15

PC members suggested several metrics to discuss.  See attached list of metrics and questions we hope to address this fall.

Subgroups of PC, with support from OPA and others, will put together background info, data, and invite speakers to address

PC members were asked to keep thinking about this assignment

-other metrics?

-other questions?

-whom would you like to hear from?

Next Meeting: October 28, 2015 1-3 pm, PCR


Planning Council

Metrics for Deep Dive Review

Fall 2015



L.1.2 – Core learning assessment

  • Core update recommendations and process
  • Core measurement/assessment methods and process
  • Where is each core area on the path?
  • What defines mastery in this context?
  • What to do about excluded students (test or transfer credits)?


L.2.1 and L.2.4 – retention and graduation rates

  • More detailed data on both
  • How to get to targets in time?
  • Does application process and timing impact retention and grad?
  • Hear from AYCSS, UPdate Advising


L.3.2 – Graduate school enrollment of BA/BS recipients

  • Alternative target? How was target established?
  • Data source and potential alternatives
  • Peer comps


D.1.3 – Carnegie metrics

  • Which peers moved ahead?
  • Doctoral conferral details
  • Grant pipeline data – submissions, awards, expenditures


A.1.2 – transfer enrollments

  • Where do transfers come from, MUS and non?
  • Articulation agreements, esp w tribal colleges
  • Details on credit acceptance – elective, core, major, LD vs UD
  • Which programs receive majors?
  • Recruitment strategies
  • What do transfers out look like? Full or part time students?


A.1.4 – online courses and credits

  • Revisit target – grow, maintain?
  • More details – Resident/distant, Summer/AY, UG/Gr, program


A.1.6 - % of need met

  • Need-based aid data - # students, define need, who/how many file FAFSA?
  • Scholarships on campus that include need indicators
  • What counts as need-based aid?


A.2.1-4 – Diversity metrics

  • More detailed data on each group – UG/Gr, program/dept, admission type
  • How were targets set?
  • What strategies indicated by unit plans?
  • Articulation agreements with tribal colleges
  • Feeder schools/programs
  • Recruitment strategies
  • Faculty/staff numbers
  • Can we look at NCAA exit data?
  • Hear from OIP/David DiMaria
  • How is retention related?


S.1.2 - salaries

  • Why not 100%
  • Info re: comp data - positions included, peer sets
  • Retention of fac and admin


Download a PDF copy of these minutes.