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Chris Fastnow

Keely Holmes

Becca Belou
Terry Leist Chris Livingston Ian Godwin
Michael Babcock Sara Mannheimer Ron Larsen
Walt Banziger Brendan Mumey  
Virginia Bratton Nicol Rae  
Tami Eitle Tricia Seifert  
Janet Heiss-Arms Nora Smith  


I.  Welcome and Announcements 

  1. Terry Leist described the Budget Council recommendations on strategic investment pools to appear in the FY17 budget model, encouraging investments in the FY17 priority objectives established by Planning Council last spring. BC recommends using the existing management structure to vet proposals for OTO investments in priority areas.  Budget model itself also helps strategic allocation.

II.  Approval of Minutes from November 23, 2015, and January 27, 2016 – minutes approved by consensus

III.  Information/Updates

  1. University Council Updates on Learning and Access were distributed and discussed
    1. Access: OCHE committee has been formed to look at increasing distance/online delivery statewide
    2. Learning: Ron Larsen discussed acting on the learning outcomes plans/assessments, renewed efforts on direct assessment of leaning this term.

IV.  Discussion:  Prioritization process

  1. The Council considered the information they want to have to set priority objectives for FY18
    1. Accreditation needs/timing
    2. Carnegie classification updates
    3. Performance funding model
    4. Revisiting the lists from last year
    5. Look at more distant targets in metrics
    6. Recommendations from the research excellence task forces
    7. Input from the constituencies from which PC members come (governance groups, colleges, etc.)
    8. Deans’ input

V.  Other Business - none

Post-adjournment, the Council was invited to stay for an informal presentation of the Fall Institutional Report.

Next Meeting: March 23, 1-2 pm PCR


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