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Eric Austin

Terry Leist

Miranda Bly
Jason Clark Rob Maher Kathy Attebury
Tracy Dougher JoDee Palin Michael Brody
Chris Fastnow Allison Reinhardt Jason Carter
Ann Galloway Christine Stanton Tami Eitle
Stephanie Gray Michael Trotter Ian Godwin
Chris Kearns    


I.  Welcome and announcements

Budget templates will be distributed soon, no changes to the process or methodology.  Completed requests due back Dec 1.

II.  Approval of September minutes


III.  Preview of the University Council report for November – Fall Institutional Report

A.  Chris Fastnow walked the Council through a draft of the Fall Institutional Report. The employee numbers in particular are still under review. The Fall Institutional Report aims to answer at a very high level four questions:

1.   How many people work here?

2.  How many people study here?

3.  How are we doing on student success?

4.  How and how much are we spending?

B.  The draft report indicates growth this fall in employees, students, student success outcomes, and expenditures.

IV.  Discussion: “Near and Far” metrics

Chris passed out an update of a report from last spring showing which strategic plan metrics have been achieved for more than one year and which we are making slower or reverse progress on.  We will discuss this more in November.

V.  Discussion: next strategic plan pre-planning (process, people, timing)

A.  The Council was asked to gather feedback on the following pre-planning items for the next strategic plan:

1.  Scope of the project – start from scratch, minor revisions to existing plan, or something in between?

2.  People involved

a.  Can we use a facilitator to help us through the process, bring outside perspective, and keep us on track?

b.  What should be the composition of the MSU Strategic Planning Committee?

3.  Timing – start this spring or wait for fall?  Target completion for Spring semester 2018

B.  We will discuss this in November and make a recommendation to the President.

VI.  Other business


Next meeting: November 16, 2016 (NOTE 3rd Wednesday), 1-3 pm, PCR


Download a PDF copy of these minutes.