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Chris Fastnow

Ilse-Mari Lee

Mike Babcock
Walt Banziger Terry Leist Rebecca Belou
Stephanie Grey Christopher Livingston Ian Godwin
Keely Holmes Sara Mannheimer Ron Larsen
Jake Kaminetsky Nora Smith Eric Lopez
Bridget Kevane Franke Wilmer  
Myleen Leary    


I.  Welcome and announcements – John How, new Space Planning Manager, hired to build a new space planning and management function.

II.  Approval of October minutes - approved

III.  Spring semester meeting times: Fourth Wednesdays, 1-3 pm

IV.  Preview of the University Council report for December – Access

Chris Fastnow presented the Access Goal progress report.  Questions were asked regarding veterans and UM enrollments in the targeted populations.  OPA will follow up.

V.  Discussion: “Near and Far” metrics

The Council discussed the list of metrics where MSU has met the targets for more than one reporting cycle.  A separate list of metrics where we are not fully measuring progress or not making substantial progress was also discussed.  The Council agreed to revisit the way we measure D.1.1.  There was discussion about university space allocation and adequacy, co-curricular reporting software for students, and tracking international/multicultural experiences for students.

VI.  Discussion: next strategic plan pre-planning (process, people, timing)

A.  Scope of next plan and planning process – revise current plan or start from scratch

Council members suggested assessing the following to better define scope of the next planning process:

  • progress and gaps in current plan
  • external/environmental changes
  • other planning efforts (e.g. Diversity)
  • task force work (e.g. Open MSU, Research Task Forces)
  • aspirational peers’ plans

B.  People involved

The Council reached consensus that an external consultant could add bandwidth, bring planning maturity, and keep us focused.

Council suggested greater involvement of department heads and discussed ways to engage DHs more fully and early.

Others to systematically and intentionally involve:

  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Grad School/Grad Council
  • Other governance councils represented on the PC
  • City/community
  • Employers (perhaps in environmental scan)

C.  Timing

Council targets Sept 2018 NWCCU Year One visit as a major milestone event, with UC and BOR approval of at least a goal setting document by then.

Start laying groundwork in Spring semester 2017 – conversations with key stakeholders.

January 2017 meeting: communication plan, discussion prompts for early stakeholder conversations

VII.  Other business - none


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