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Chris Fastnow

Myleen Leary

Kathy Attebury
Stephanie Gray Ilse-Mari Lee Michael Babcock
Wade Hill Sara Mannheimer Becca Belou
Keely Holmes Brendan Mumey Tami Eitle
Jake Kaminetzky Nora Smith Ian Godwin
Bridget Kevane Franke Wilmer John How


I.  Announcements

A.  Library Strategic Planning progress report is a great example - Chris F to make available

B.  Athletics Strategic Planning underway

II.  Approval of minutes from 3/22 - approved

III.  Info item: space planning and management - John How, Space Planning Manager

A.  New space management group focusing on Academic, Research, and Auxiliaries Spac

B.  Tasked with inventory of space, changing culture to University ownership of space, move management, space management policy

C.  Space management software will be available by December to help with agenda of space requests, vacant space pools

D.  New website:

1.  Will have space data, request forms, project forms, request roster, vacant space pool

IV.  Accreditation progress/needs - Tami Eitle

A.  Definition of Mission Fulfillment was vaguely worded in interim report. Planning Council will weigh in on Mission Fulfillment at next meeting

1.  The Strategic Plan ends in 2019, which is out of cycle with accreditation which is 2017, so targets at 70% of the 2019 Strategic Plan goals were set

2.  Some Strategic Plan goals are aspirational, so interim report language has Mission Fulfillment language saying our mission will be fulfilled with 75% achievement of some targets and 50% achievement of other targets.

B.  For the future, better align planning and accreditation cycles, think about goals of continuous progress with quantitative and qualitative data.

V.  Updates

A.  DH meetings – Becca Belou

1.  DHs like current plan, but think it is not strategic enough

2.  Emergent themes included

a.  Keep research at core of institution (support w/infrastructure)

b.  Multi-disciplinary ripeness (hard to support across colleges, need to assign credit to support)

c.  Need resources to support diversity (ex. Partner accommodations)

d.  Graduate Education (currently feels ad hoc, need University to strategically invest in programs, differential credits for graduate vs. undergraduate courses, housing)

e.  Dealing with growth in general (need more TT Faculty, address workload issues, NTT faculty treatment issues)

3.  Conversation included noting that workload for TT faculty can be addressed in new annual review process. Town and gown relationships important to keep in mind.

4.  More meetings will be held in May with DHs who did not participate in the last round.

B.  RFP – Chris Fastnow

1.  For consultant to help with new plan, draft was sent to committee; subsequently it has been posted

VI.  Chris F walked us through University Council progress report posted online.

VII.  Discussion and potential resolution of priority objectives for FY19

A.  Suggestion to replace the language of “research” with “scholarship” to reflect faculty handbook language

B. After robust discussion, Planning Council voted preliminarily to prioritize the following objectives for FY19:

1.  S.1.

2. A.2.

3.  D.3.

4.  I.2.

5.  L.2.

C.  Chris F will draft a memo for the President with these recommendations for the Council to review in the next weeks.

VIII.  Plans for summer meetings – we will meet May 24 to discuss mission fulfillment and will attempt to avoid additional meetings over the summer.

Next meeting: May 24, 2017, 1-3 pm


Download a PDF copy of these minutes.