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Chris Fastnow

Ian Godwin
Walt Banzinger Jeanne-Marie Callahan
Brendan Mumey Tami Eitle
Ilse-Mari Lee Kathy Attebury
Sara Mannheimer Bobbie Derlin
  Becca Belou


I.  Welcome and announcements 

A.  Bobbie Derlin to help with Assessment

B.  Diversity & Inclusion Framework being submitted to President Cruzado

C.  RFP posted for Strategic Planning Consultant

II.  Approval of 5/3/17 minutes – waiting until a quorum present to approve

III.  Membership/expiring terms

A.  Chris will contact those who have served their 2-year terms to see if they want to serve a second term, and request replacements for those who have served their 2 2-year terms.

IV.  Discussion: draft recommendation memo

A.  Will send out one more time for comment

V.  Discussion: accreditation mission fulfillment 

A.  Can learn from this cycle

1.  Strategic Plan goals and Accreditation core themes should be in alignment but do not have to be the same; helpful to align with accreditation language for clarity

2.  Consider how many core themes to have

3.  Continue to build assessment cycle, use both quantitative and qualitative indicators

B.  Discussion of some of the mid-cycle targets that are difficult to assess in the terms we originally defined

1.  the “increase/improve” metrics

2.  learning outcomes

3.  integration metrics

VI.  Other business - none

Next meeting: August 30, 2017, 1-3 pm


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