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Walter Banziger Myleen Leary Kathy Attebury
Chris Fastnow Brendan Mumey Jean Marie Callahan
Keely Holmes Abigail Richards Scot Case
Bridget Kevane Christine Stanton Tami Eitle
    Ian Godwin


  1. Welcome and announcements
  2. Discussion
    1. Strategic Planning Session
      1. Scot Case from Springboard International (SBI) described SP process as guided by SBI
        1. Strategic Planning Committee’s role
        2. Stakeholder opportunities
        3. Timeline
        4. Planning Council role
        5. Emphasis on university, not unit-level
        6. Emphasis on setting priorities
      2. Planning Council participated in an exercise to generate input

III. Other Business - none 

Next Meeting: November 29, 1-3 pm, PCR


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