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Dean Adams

Terry Leist

Kathy Attebury
Chris Fastnow Sara Mannheimer Becca Belou
Stephanie Gray Bob Mokwa Jean Marie Callahan
Wade Hill Abigail Richards Tami Eitle
Keely Holmes Christine Stanton Tracy Ellig
Bridget Kevane   Ian Godwin
Myleen Leary   Renee Reijo-Pera


I.  Welcome and announcements

A.  Annual progress report – Chris Fastnow passed out the Strategic Plan Progress Report 2017:

II.  Discussion

A.  Discovery objective (D.1) report – VPRED Renee Reijo Pera

1.  The task force on strengthening research found a need to begin to define research excellence more broadly than annual grant expenditures, to include outcomes like papers, creative activity, etc. that results from the funding. Recommendations:

a.  Study our output using a new comprehensive report via Activity Insight (noting the participation issue). VPRED is using the reports to recognize outstanding faculty:

1)  10x10 Innovation Road Show to highlight outstanding research from MSU faculty to the public statewide

2)  994 Calling series allows faculty to present to each other to foster collaboration

3)  Awards Committees at dept and university levels to nominate faculty for major awards

b.  Compare ourselves to faculty from similar or aspirational universities – we are low on publications, relatively.

c.  Study and recommend proposals for faculty recruitment, promotion, and tenure

B.  Strategic Planning Update

1.  Springboard International has been facilitating listening sessions this week to gather input on what we feel MSU excels at, and where we can improve.

2.  A website with a feedback loop will be established for continual input

3.  A draft will be ready by the end of AY18, leaving Fall 18 for final input, which will allow alignment for the Year 1 Accreditation Report.

4.  A question was raised about keeping the new plan similar to the current plan or changing it, which has not been decided yet but should come out of the meetings

5.  A question was raised about thoughts on changing the Mission and Vision, which is also undecided but there has been discussion

C.  Learning Goal Progress Report

1.  There was discussion about how retention rates affect graduation rates, specifically around the push for students taking 15 credits per semester.

2.  Provost Mokwa brought up the Ph.D. Prioritization group that has met to begin analyzing programs to help with the success of the programs.

III.  Other Business

Next Meeting: December 20, 1-3 pm, PCR


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