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Chris Fastnow

Terry Leist

Becca Belou
Dean Adams Brendan Mumey Ariel Donohue
Stephanie Gray Abigail Richards Tami Eitle
Bridget Kevane Christine Stanton Ian Godwin
Myleen Leary Adam Edelman (Sheehan) Meta Newhouse
Ilse-Mari Lee Scott Young (Mannheimer) Tricia Seifert


I.  Welcome and announcements

A.  Membership/Term expirations

B.  Council on Councils day 4/11/18 9:30-noon

C.  Library strategic plan has been completed

II.  Minutes from 2/28/18 approved

III.  Discussion

A.  Strategic Planning Update and Feedback

1.  Chris Fastnow presented a high level review of the process and the most recently developed pieces of the plan. Council members are invited to give feedback using all channels.  Discussion about balance between an inclusive and a targeted plan ensued.

B.  Priority Objectives

1.  D.2 – Diverse student body (Ariel Donohue)

Ariel presented efforts from three groups that are working on recruitment and retention of under-represented groups: Diversity and inclusion Student Commons, Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council, and Council on American Indian Programs.  Several efforts are bearing fruit, especially intrusive, high touch advising efforts.  Some ways to improve include college or unit level diversity and inclusion plans, hard funding for ongoing programs, coordinated recruitment and retention efforts up to and including an administration level position.

2.  L.2 – retention and graduation (Tricia Seifert)

Tricia Seifert presented a literature review of the research on what universities can do to enhance retention.  She reminded us retention is everyone’s job, as it’s not obvious whose interaction will make a difference for an individual student.  Basic financial and physical needs must be met.  There is no silver bullet program but a slate of coordinated support services seems to be the best approach.

3.  I.2 - Interdisciplinary curricula (Bridget Kevane, Meta Newhouse)

Bridget Kevane described that what works well for interdisciplinary curriculum in the case of the Liberal Studies program is drawing on multiple disciplines within a single course.  Common Course Numbering based on disciplines causes some barriers to this approach.

Meta Newhouse described the DSEL (Design Sandbox for Engaged Learning) program, based on design thinking that provides a dedicated space to support courses, for- and non-credit, short- and long-term.  Challenges are soft-funding of program support and leadership, barriers to team-teaching due to needs in the contributing departments, and Common Course Numbering.

IV.  Other Business - None

Next Meeting: April 18, 2018 1:00-3:00 pm PCR


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