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Chris Fastnow

Ilse-Mari Lee

Kathy Attebury
Dean Adams Sara Mannheimer Carina Beck
Tracy Dougher Brendan Mumey Becca Belou
Stephanie Gray Abigail Richards Tami Eitle
Myleen Leary Christine Stanton Ian Godwin
    Miley Gonzalez
    Susan Welker


I.  Welcome and announcements

A.  Brief discussion of the UM University of Distinction document

B.  Kathy Attebury announced the Budget Office was working on the FY2021 Budget

II.  Approval of Minutes from 3/21/18

III.  Discussion

A.  Objective I.2 (cont): Interdisciplinary research (Christine Stanton)

1.  Presentation on working with Indigenous communities

a.  Stanton presented on cultural humility, including partner interests in project goals, working with established centers and institutes, and honoring time commitments with working with Indigenous communities.

b.  Stanton recommended MSU expand networking opportunities on campus, grant-seeking consultations, writing groups, incentives, support and expand physical spaces, reduce barriers

B.  Objective E.2: Cross-cultural study, work, and service (Miley Gonzalez and Susan Welker)

1.  Office of International Programs is working on globalization across our tripartite mission. There are opportunities for growth in summer and short-term travel, as well as taking better advantage opportunities afforded by visitors to campus from abroad.

C.  Objective L.2: Retention and graduation (Carina Beck)

1.  Presentation on gaps in success of Montana students in college participation, using Hilleman program as a possible model for bringing diverse students together.

D.  Prioritization discussion and initial proposals

1.  Fastnow covered recommendations from prior environmental scans and constituent groups

a.  Dean’s Council

b.  Faculty Senate

c.  Questionnaire sent to employees

d.  NWCCU planning and response recommendations

e.  UPdate CORE

f.  Research Excellence task forces

g.  Performance funding

2.  Council took a straw poll and identified four objectives.

3.  Fastnow committed to prepare draft to describe the four objectives for Council to respond to online. Next meeting contingent on getting feedback to that memo.

IV.  Other Business – none

V.  Next meeting (tentative) May 23. Will cancel if sufficient participation via email.


Download a PDF copy of these minutes.