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Dean Adams

Rob Maher

Michael Babcock
Tracy Dougher Kasia Maison Ian Godwin
Chris Fastnow Sara Mannheimer  
Sheridan Johnson Adam Edelman (Sheehan)  
Bridget Kevane Christine Stanton  
Myleen Leary Abigail Richards (Walker)  
Ilse-Mari Lee    


I.  Welcome and announcements

II.  Minutes from 9/26/2018 approved

III.  Strategic Planning Process Update

A.  University Council heard revised plan, updated since PC saw the prior draft

B.  One month review and comment period. Vote could occur as early as 11/7/2018

C.  Additional info sessions to be held, invite SPC members to any meeting

D.  Questions re: UC process works

IV.  Priority objective mapping to new plan

A.  PC discussed the prioritization process from last spring

B.  Budget process relies on these priority recommendations, but the priorities were based on a plan that will have been replaced by the time the budgets are allocated. Those priorities were influential in writing the new plan draft.  PC can conduct a mapping exercise to update the recommendations from last spring’s process

C.  PC members discussed extensively and propose the following map of strategic priorities, based on the objectives that PC prioritized last spring (see attached summary)

1.  Priority Objective L1 → Goal 1.3

2.  Priority Objective D.2 → Goal 2.2 and Goal 2.4

3.  Priority Objective D3 → Goal 1.2

4.  Priority Objective S1 → Goal 3.3

V.  PC Work Plan

A.  Members discussed several possible tasks and roles for the PC this year and settled on the following:

1.  Clarify expectations for unit-level strategic planning

2.  Build tools for unit-level planning (process and plan templates, explore training possibilities

3.  Recommend, with Budget Council, incentives for unit-level planning and alignment, e.g. requiring FY21 budget requests to align with MSU and unit plans

4.  Identify possible groups, individuals, and offices, for the follow-on planning specified in the MSU plan (e.g. sustainability plan)

5.  Promote MSU strategic plan internally (e.g. printed material) to raise visibility of Mission, Vision, Values and Intentional Focus Areas

6.  Work with Budget Council on assessment of investment coverage and program outcomes

VI.  Other Business - none

Next meeting November 28, 2018, 1-3 PM, Reid 415


Download a PDF copy of these minutes.