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Dean Adams

Sheridan Johnson

Kathy Attebury
Eric Austin Ilse-Mari Lee Rebecca Belou
Tracy Dougher Terry Leist Ian Godwin
David Eitle Rob Maher John How
Chris Fastnow Kasia Maison Abigail Richards
Stephanie Gray Adam Edelman (Sheehan)  
Wade Hill Christine Stanton  


I.      Welcome and Announcements

A.     Dean Lee described the stunning and thoughtful elements of the Montana Room to the Council.

B.     Fastnow noted the memo from the President to the units who are asked to align with the plan went out describing the expectations for alignment.  All who report to the President or a VP are expected to align their strategies with the University’s plan.

II.    Approval of Minutes from 11/28

III.  Discussion:

A.     Planning support documents

The Council reviewed and gave helpful feedback on three supporting documents that units may use for their planning alignment practice: a guided self-study process that Maher initially drafted, a short high-level planning process outline, and the (required) alignment template.  Fastnow will revise and distribute to the Council for one more review before sending to the VPs and Deans, etc.

The documents as revised should highlight the need to consider internal resources first, raise visibility of, even preference for, interdisciplinary and inter-unit planning, and affirming prior planning efforts.

Council members raised important questions about how the units’ plans might be prioritized for requests for budget, space, other resources, and they suggested several possible mechanisms – using existing policy (e.g. space), estimating magnitude of impact, relying on processes developed in units like UIT or the existing budget process, fleshing out a role for Planning Council.

B.     Joint planning sessions – dates and content

The Council made several suggestions to make these sessions helpful for units to kick off their planning processes, including suggested timelines with milestones, assigning pre-work, providing food, and having follow-up/catch-up sessions in May.

C.     Subgroups for SP planning-related action items

Council members had initial recommendations for individuals and groups to work on institution-level actions in the plan.  We will revisit these at the next meeting.

IV.  Other business - None

Next meeting: February 27, 1-3 pm, REID 415


Download a PDF copy of these minutes.