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Dean Adams

Myleen Leary

Rebecca Belou
Eric Austin Ilse-Mari Lee Miranda Bly
Tracy Dougher Kathy Attebury (for Leist) Ian Godwin
Chris Fastnow Rob Maher John How
Stephanie Gray Keely Holmes (for Maison) Abbie Richards
Wade Hill Adam Edelman (for Sheehan)  
Sheridan Johnson    


I.  Welcome and Announcements

A.  Council on Councils on April 3, 2019 from 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM in Ballroom B, Strand Union Building

B.  Three strategic plan alignment meetings for 9 groups were completed.

C.  Members shared planning efforts in several units and noticed that candidates for leadership positions have been mentioning the plan in their interviews.

II.  Approval of Minutes from 2/27 – adopted

III.  Discussion:

A.  Strategic plan and budget proposal priorities – Chris Fastnow

1.  Option 1: Carry over last spring’s (FY20) priorities to fall (FY21)

2.  Option 2: Devote April and May’s meetings to discussing new priorities

3.  Option 3: Evaluate last spring’s priorities, keeping some and adding some new ones. Chris recommends no more than 5.

B.  Last spring’s priorities to consider

1.  Goal 1.2 Expand high-quality graduate education. Council was inclined to keep this a priority, given long-term efforts required to achieve the targets.

2.  Goal 1.3 High impact teaching and learning practices for every student

3.  Goal 2.2 Expand interdisciplinary scholarship

4.  Goal 2.4 Elevate expectations for scholarship

5.  Goal 3.3 Community culture of collaboration, continuous improvement and individual growth: The Council had consensus to keep this a priority. Discussion revolved around compensation, recruitment, and system-wide constraints and opportunities.

C.  Chris will distribute a single-page list of these goals, and each council member is to email her with questions and input for discussion at next month’s meeting.

IV. Other business - none

Next meeting: April 24th, 1-3 pm, Montana Room


Download a PDF copy of these minutes.