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Dean Adams

Myleen Leary

Rebecca Belou
Deb Barkley Ilse-Mari Lee Miranda Bly
Tracy Dougher Rob Maher Ian Godwin
David Eitle Kasia Maison  
Chris Fastnow Abbie Richards (for Eric)  
Stephanie Gray Christine Stanton  
Chris Kearns    


I.  Welcome and Announcements

A.  Some members terms are coming up this summer. PC has a term limit of two consecutive terms.  Chris will be in touch with members whose terms are expiring to discuss next steps.

B.  Chris reported on last Leadership Council meeting where strategic plan alignment and follow-on planning was discussed.

II.  Approval of Minutes from 3/27 – approved

III.  Discussion: Strategic Plan priorities for FY21

A.  Straw poll to narrow goals for discussion 

B.  Discussion ensued and five were chosen. See attached draft memo for proposed five strategic goals.

C.  Members will respond with any changes to the memo. If we can’t reach an electronic consensus, we’ll meet in May for further discussion.

IV. Other business - none

Next meeting (if needed): May 22nd, 1-3 pm, Montana Room


Download a PDF copy of these minutes.