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Eric Austin

Terry Leist

Miranda Bly
Jason Clark Rob Maher Kathy Attebury
Tracy Dougher JoDee Palin Michael Brody
Chris Fastnow Allison Reinhardt Jason Carter
Ann Galloway Christine Stanton Tami Eitle
Stephanie Gray Michael Trotter Ian Godwin
Chris Kearns    


I. Welcome and introductions

II. Approval of minutes from 4/24 - approved

III. Discussion:

A.  Council roster changes

1.  Honors College was added to the roster.

2.  Stephanie Gray is representing the Dean’s Council now.

3.  All Staff Council will replace both Professional Council and Staff Senate.

4.  Research Council liaison is still vacant. They meet at 3:00 today.

B.  Member roles and responsibilities

1.  Members communicate between Council and their constituencies. Please take this role seriously. 

2. Members should bring concerns from the units they represent, but keep in mind that they represent the university at these meetings, and decisions made here are on behalf of the university.

3. Members should update their units on Planning Council meetings and find out what concerns they have that should be discussed in Planning Council.

4.  Planning Council advisory to the President. Main task each year is to recommend priorities in the strategic plan for budget and other resource alignment. These are intended to be short-term in duration – shine a spotlight on a few goals for one to two years.  The priorities guide budget proposals one full year out.  This year we will discuss 2021-2022 priorities.  Procedure in recommending and adopting strategic plan priorities in prior cycles:

a.     PC discusses and proposes 3-4 goals as priorities.

b.     President Cruzado takes it to her summer exec team retreat. ET endorses or not.

c.     If endorsed, it is disseminated through the University Council.

5.  Discussed the priority goals that were chosen last May and are available on PC’s website.  The President and Executive Council will attend Planning Council’s October meeting.

6.  Members should be present, on time, and participate fully - be a full participant and leader.

                7.  It’s okay to disagree agreeably.

                8.  All members should be familiar with the strategic plan.

C.  Update on strategic plan alignment practice

1.  Last year, Planning Council recommended that everyone who reports to either the President or a Vice President fill out a strategic plan template for their unit, showing how their unit’s goals overlaps with the strategic plan. September 15th was the deadline, and many have not been turned in yet.

                2.  Planning Council’s focus should be on coverage not necessarily content.

                3.  Suggestion to debrief on how units view the alignment process.

                4.  Chris to share doc that aligns MSU and MUS plans via email or at future meeting.

D.  Work plan ideas for 2019-2020:

                1.  Setting AY21-22 priorities;

                2.  Reviewing budget proposal process/planning alignment and outcomes;

                3.  Reviewing unit plan alignments;

                4.  Debrief unit planning alignment processes;

                5.  Looking at strategic plan metrics before they go to University Council;

6.  Providing feedback to Provost’s Office Fall 2020 mid-term accreditation report. That team may want to visit with Planning Council. Accreditation is now emphasizing student learning outcomes over research.

                 7.  Summer Session planning – better in other venues?

                 8.  MUS/MSU plan alignment – Chris will send to PC.

IV.  Other business - none

Next meeting: October 30th, 1-3 pm, PCR


Download a PDF copy of these minutes.