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Tracy Dougher

Colin Shaw

Becca Belou
Chris Fastnow Christine Stanton Michael Brody
Ann Galloway Michael Trotter Jason Carter
Stephanie Gray   Ariel Donohue
Chris Kearns   Ian Godwin
Myleen Leary   John How
Rob Maher   Megan Lasso
JoDee Palin   Craig Ogilvie
Rachel Schmidt   Richard Rudnicki


I.  Welcome and announcements

II.  Approval of minutes from January 22nd

III.  Discussion

  1. Goal Prioritization for 2021-2022
    1. Planning Council has a charge to prioritize three goals for FY21-22.
    2. C. Fastnow asked what Planning Council needs to set these priorities.
      1. J. Carter suggested reviewing what goals have been prioritized in previous years (, right-hand links for the last 2 cycles)
      2. Discussion about whether or not all goals will eventually be prioritized or not. This decision is up to PC.
      3. M. Lasso asked if we’ve reviewed the impact of prioritizing certain goals in the past. PC typically chooses goals where it’s harder to move the needle and that were not gaining traction. Without the counterfactual, hard to evaluate impact.
      4. A discussion ensued about what happened after planning for these – have we prioritized them in the years associated? They are communicated widely, though more is always better in communication, and emphasized via the President’s Strategic Investment Process.
      5. J. Carter asked how Academic Analytics has been able to help us think about advancing in goal 2.3 and mentioned that 2.4 should be prioritized early and often because we need to establish infrastructure to see the payoffs. C. Fastnow echoed that this is the same as for the conversation around interdisciplinarity, where the things we do now will have a future effect.
      6. C. Ogilvie recommended keeping an eye on the shifting understanding and needs of our students, and specifically pointed to the need for more professional master’s degrees.
      7. A discussion ensued about planning on addressing the decline of graduating seniors as well as the diversification of the state and how we need to learn how to be successful with recruiting and retaining students we haven’t been successful with in the past.
      8. Discussion ensued about wages and the increasingly competitive environment for recruiting and retaining employees.
    3. C. Fastnow summarized the needs that arose from the discussion for setting priorities for FY21-22:
      1. How have past investments impacted MSU?
      2. Environmental scanning – PC members were charged to bring with them to the next meeting 2 things that impact their areas at a state or national level. What are you responding to and anticipating?
      3. Review of goal progress.
      4. What measures determine scholarly productivity (college reps. bring what is important to their units)?
      5. Proposals and 7-year reviews of academic programs.
      6. VPREDGE will bring a graph with OCHE IDC allocation benchmarks.
  2. Report on Goal 1.2
    1. C. Fastnow shared documents (PPT and Tableau) tracking 1.2. Discussion on action 1.2.2 followed. R. Maher raised concerns that this was a near-term item that he had not seen action on.
  3. Follow on planning and review groups – updates and additional Council ideas
    1. C. Fastnow shared responsibility for follow on plans.
      1. A discussion followed about the role of the Research Capacity Team compared to other groups doing follow-on planning.

IV. Other business

Next meeting:  March meeting cancelled.  Stay tuned for possible reschedule or April 22, 1-3 pm


Download a PDF copy of these minutes.