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Tracy Dougher

Becca Belou
Chris Fastnow Miranda Bly
Stephanie Gray Michael Brody
Rob Maher Jason Carter
Susan Raph Ariel Donohue
Logan Schultz Ian Godwin
Colin Shaw John How
Michael Trotter Megan Lasso
  Richard Rudnicki


  1. Welcome and announcements – introduction of Susan Raph as the new member representing the College of Nursing, replacing Ann Galloway
  2. Approval of minutes from April 22nd – approved
  3. Discussion regarding classroom audits
    1. Face to face with social distancing, but be prepared to pivot completely online at any time
    2. Ingress and egress
    3. Blending of online and face to face as necessary
    4. Miscellaneous considerations like whiteboard use

Parallel UIT installations must be optimal, available and installable in the most number of rooms within budget and time constraints.

Sanitation: Facilities is putting in stepped proposals for cleaning and sanitizing with time and financial constraints.

Policy questions regarding academic standing, continuation of tuition waivers, and extension of tuition waivers.

Planning around distance delivery of student support like health partners, the testing center, etc., is in progress.

Tami Eitle asked us to consider face masks in classrooms. Should we have a uniform policy or leave it up to individual instructors?

Discussion ensued about the use of masks and other protections, including face shields and testing in conjunction with the county health department and local hospital. The consensus was that masks would increase classroom capacity and safety.

Ariel Donohue brought up concerns about inclusion. Asians wearing masks are being targeted, plus African Americans report feeling they are treated as criminals if they wear masks. Everyone needs to recognize new biases regarding face coverings.

Michael Brody stated that the Reconstitution Committee feels people will have to take individual responsibility. Each person may get their own sanitation kit so they can wipe down their own desk and seat, and there would be refill stations around campus. This could solve the problem of not being able to clean classrooms between classes.

Chris Fastnow asked people to email her agenda items for the next meeting and any more thoughts the have about masks.

IV. Other business - none

Next meeting:  June 24, 1:00-2:00 p.m., WebEx


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