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Michael Brody for Eric Austin

JoDee Palin

Becca Belou
Jason Clark Susan Raph Miranda Bly
Tracy Dougher Colin Shaw Jason Carter
David Eitle Christine Stanton Ariel Donohue
Chris Fastnow   Tami Eitle
Stephanie Gray   Tracy Ellig
Chris Kearns   Ann Galloway
Ilse-Mari Lee for Logan Schultz   Ian Godwin
Terry Leist   John How
Rob Maher   Megan Lasso


  1. Welcome and announcements
    1. Planning Council needs to reevaluate the strategic plan’s progress in light of COVID-19.
    2. Some terms are ending, and some members are finishing their second and final term.
  2. Discussion
    1. Jason Carter offered an update on Strategic Plan goal 1.2.2 (matching support for graduate research assistants (GRAs): REDG and Grad Dean are looking at current funding mechanisms and new ways to meet this goal and to make it sustainable year after year.  Looking into all funding sources.
    2. A question arose whether some of these goals should be paused due to COVID. Chris will ask for volunteers to reach out to strategic planners and peers at other institutions to see how they are handling their strategic plan goals during the pandemic. Planning Council will revisit timelines in Fall.
    3. Tami Eitle accreditation update: working on mid-cycle accreditation report. A mid-October site visit is planned. We must demonstrate mission fulfilment, focused on student learning. The self-study will include assessment and action reports on several programs related to Intentional Focus 1. She may ask Planning Council to review some sections for the July meeting.  Another group will determine level of mission fulfilment.
    4. Discussion ensued about using this disruption as a research opportunity around delivery modality and outcomes.
    5. Discussion regarding issues with using Shroyer Gym for classes followed.
    6. Construction update: American Indian Hall foundation concrete was poured. Romney is on schedule. Hamilton Hall re-roofing project has been delayed by rain. Romney Oval is dug upfor geothermal wells. Bobcat Athletic Complex broke ground, working with City. Hyalite Hall has its city walk through next week. If the Student Health Center is constructed, we will have added 25% of our campus in the last 8 years.
    7. Reid Hall COVID-19 update: they are looking at increasing circulation of fresh air and upgrading filters.
  3. Other business - none

Next meeting:  July 22, 1:00-2:00 p.m., WebEx


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