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Jason Clark

Logan Schultz

Becca Belou
David Eitle Colin Shaw Miranda Bly
Chris Fastnow Michael Trotter
Michael Brody
Stephanie Gray Mike Vasquez Jason Carter
Chris Kearns
Bradford Watson Ariel Donohue
Rebecca Koltz
  Ian Godwin
Terry Leist   Megan Lasso
Rob Maher   Richard Rudnicki


  1. Welcome and announcements
    1. Introductions
    2. Will share results of survey of contacts at other campuses regard COVID-19 modifications in August.
  2. Approval of minutes from 5/27 and 6/24/20 - approved
  3. Discussion
    1. Accreditation
      1. Two self-assessments from units participating in NWCCU process were sent to members. These are part of a self-study that is focused on student outcomes. There will be a university-level assessment group that receives these and determines whether MSU’s mission is fulfilled at an adequate level.
      2. Are these assessments helpful to the Planning Council? Do members want to see more of these? Chris will share feedback and questions with Tami Eitle.
      3. Discussion ensued.
        1. Assessments might be useful to PC for another lens on SP progress.
        2. Questions about structure for assessment, feedback loops and implications, responsibility for definition of metrics and rubrics
        3. Suggestions about improvements in the processes and inclusion of participants
    2. Open discussion:  Logan Schultz shared lessons learned from Honors’ experience teaching an in-person 4x4 course, The Art and Science of Medicine, in June and recommendations for fall face-to-face classes.
      1. Students expressed preference for clear masks over shields or cloth masks.
      2. Clarity scored high on student course assessments.
      3. Require assigned seats and don’t move the furniture.
      4. Faculty should count on some students having to self-quarantine for two-weeks during the semester and plan accordingly for flexibility, distance delivery, make-up plans.
      5. Disability Services is providing some clear masks as appropriate for student accommodations.
      6. Question about sharing info on a university-sourced provider for clear masks for non-accommodation situations.
  4. Other business - none

Next meeting:  August 26, 1:00-3:00 p.m., WebEx


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