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Jason Clark

Bob Mokwa

Kristin Blackler
Tracy Dougher JoDee Palin Miranda Bly
David Eitle Susan Raph Ariel Donohue
Chris Fastnow Logan Schultz Adam Edelman
Stephanie Gray Colin Shaw Ian Godwin
Katie Ivester Michael Trotter Megan Lasso
Rebecca Koltz Bradford Watson Craig Ogilvie
Terry Leist Chelsey Wilson  
Rob Maher    


  1. Welcome and announcements
    1. This week is the last week of classes. Chris Fastnow thanked everyone for their hard work.
    2. Congratulations to Chelsey Wilson who defended her dissertation this morning.
    3. December meeting will be a week early. Members who cannot make it should email Chris Fastnow or decline the invitation so we know if there will be a critical mass.
    4. Planning Council may need to find a new time in the spring. Watch for an email.
  2. Minutes from 10/28 – approved without changes
  3. Discussion
    1. Diversity Framework Metrics (attachment) - Ariel Donohue
      1. Ariel presented on Strategic Plan goal 3.3.5 progress, using the 2017 MSU Diversity and Inclusion Framework themes to be tracked by the new Diversity Council.
        1. Using the five themes in the Framework
        2. Many, not all, metrics come from the Campus Climate Survey, which is conducted every three or four years
        3. Some other metrics for some of the five themes
      2. Questions:
        1. Craig Ogilvie: Regarding the belonging metric, he was struck that it was to decrease the gap instead of increase belonging. Also, graduation rates are aligned with undergrads. He would like to see data on graduate and Gallatin College students more specifically.
        2. Chris Fastnow asked how this might intersect with the BIPOC planning. Ariel Donohue replied that they had looked at whether these metrics fulfill the goals in the BIPOC plan or whether separate metrics would be needed, and they decided that these metrics should work for both the Diversity and Inclusion framework and BIPOC plan because they align.
    2. Timeline update - Kristin Blackler
      1. Goal 3.3.6 timeline update: making great progress up until Covid hit. Wanted an event, did not want to impinge on the Climate Action Plan or miss opportunity to build student engagement.
      2. ASMSU has created a subcommittee, good engagement.
      3. No work has stopped. In fact, it has accelerated.
      4. Questions/comments: Rob Maher heard that CSAC was slowed down for political reasons. Kristin responded that the process is politicized already; timing matters for effectiveness. Agreement among leaders and most of CSAC this is better timing.  Delaying announcement has positive benefits for the work and for impact.
    3. Planning Council membership environmental scan/recommendations on goals
      1. Tracy Dougher: 3.1 and 1.1.1. Facing barriers working in this environment with tribal colleges and communities when we can’t be present, and it’s slowing down our work on those goals.
      2. Craig Ogilvie:
        1. Wants to add grad diversity into Goal 1.1.
        2. For Goal 1.2.2, he is using a different mechanism on getting to 20 assistantships than he thinks the strategic plan meant.
      3. Katie Ivester: Goal 1.1 widening gap in technology, especially among underserved student groups. Several attendees agreed this is important to look at, within context of broader economy/federal and state relief packages, increasing disparities, institutionalizing the priority
      4. Chris Fastnow: The strategic plan can also guide us in where we need to de-invest to open up resources for other areas. The council should consider:
        1. What in the plan needs emphasis?
        2. What needs emphasis that is missing from the plan?
        3. Do we need to change the plan?
      5. Susan Raph: Goal 3.3.4 stresses staff wellness but not student wellness. Can we add students to this goal?
    4. Fall Institutional Report (postponed, see OPA website in the meantime)
  4. Other business – none
  5. Public comment - none

Next meeting:  December 16, 2:00-3:00 p.m., via WebEx


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