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Cati Carmody

Megan Lasso for Terry Leist

Becca Belou
Jason Clark Rob Maher Miranda Bly
Tracy Dougher JoDee Palin Ariel Donohue
David Eitle Susan Raph Adam Edelman
Chris Fastnow
Logan Schultz Ian Godwin
Stephanie Gray
Colin Shaw Richard Rudnicki
Katie Ivester Bradford Watson Steve Swinford
Chris Kearns Chelsey Wilson  


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  3. Approval of minutes from 1/27/21 - approved
  4. Discussion
    1. Goal 1.1 update: Chris Fastnow presented visualizations showing metrics for Goal 1.1.1 through 1.1.7.
      1. Metric 1.1.1 discussion:
        1. Council members raised questions about first generation student enrollment locally and nationally, longer trends and pandemic effects, potential external drivers.
        2. Discussion followed about entities on campus and in the system who are responding to these metrics and similar.
      2. Metric 1.1.3 discussion:
        1. A Council member asked about goal setting for 360 one- and two-year certificates and degrees, Stephanie Gray believes it’s a stretch, but it’s an achievable goal.
        2. Need to consider transfer to 4 year programs without receiving a degree. Revisit metric definition in future.
      3. Metric 1.1.5 discussion:
        1. Katie Ivester presented a spreadsheet showing reasons given by students for their DFWs in the Math 090 class, which is a developmental math class.
      4. Metric 1.1.7 discussion:
        1. Colin Shaw suggested expanding definition of national and international awards. Discussion about how to capture systematic info in AI.
    2. Continue discussion on priority goals for FY23
      1. Previously prioritized goals include: 1.1, 1.3, 2.1, 2.4, 3.1, and 3.3. The metrics for all of these goals are on Planning Council’s website, except 3.1.
        1. Prior prioritization (found on right side of PC’s webpage) includes goals 1.1, 2.1, 3.1, and 3.3 for the last two years.
        2. Prioritization the year before includes goals 1.3, 2.2, 2.4 from the prior plan’s map, plus 1.2 and 3.3.
      2. Review of metrics can be found on the right-hand side of Planning Council’s webpage.
      3. We will send out the environmental scan/external factors document that the Council contributed to in the Fall.
      4. Open discussion:
        1. Tracy Dougher: The consensus at the College of Agriculture was that 3.1 is still a big priority for them and feeds into 1.1. Otherwise, 1.1 and 1.3 also came up. A couple of dept. heads feel they fell behind on 2.1 this last year.
        2. Bradford Watson: Faculty senators prioritized 1.1, then 3.1 and 3.3. The feel we are losing ground on faculty salary. 1.1 and 3.1 are linked as Tracy said.
        3. Susan Raph asked about the Council’s decision process. If they have three votes, they would put all three votes towards 3.3. If they have to choose the top three, they would choose 3.3, 3.1 and 1.1.
          1. Chris Fastnow said decision rule is up to the Council – consensus, voting methods, etc.
        4. David Eitle: CLS (about 1/3rd of units) reporting prioritized 2.1, followed by 3.1 and 1.1 in popularity.
        5. From engineering leadership group per Rob Maher: 1.1 and 3.3 were mentioned by all. 2.1 also had majority support.
        6. Cati Carmody: Initial support from student senators has been mostly 1.3 and 3.3, and she has heard support for 1.1 as well. This is a pretty small response group still (5-10), so she will keep asking.
        7. Chelsey Wilson: Jabs Leadership chose 1.1, 1.3 and 2.1.
        8. Logan Schutz: Honors leadership pointed at 1.1, 3.3 and 3.1.
        9. Katie Ivester: “Gallatin College’s priority is 1.1!!!”
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Next meeting:  March 24, 2:00-3:00 p.m., via WebEx


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