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The EZTemplating service allows you to conveniently create and place electronic orders for official MSU branded letterhead, envelopes and business cards. Click the button below to order. Follow the prompts and be sure to proof carefully. An email confirmation will be sent to you. If your information/design does not fit, or you want information about a custom business card for your department, please order your custom business cards here.

Please call 994-5708 with questions or problems with either service. Thank you for your loyal patronage and the opportunity to allow University Printing Services to fulfill your printing needs.

Order MSU Letterhead, Envelopes and Business Cards

These are just a few of the possibilities available through EZPrint:

  • Black/white and color copying/printing
  • On-demand printing and copies for course packets and lab manuals
  • Newsletters, programs, tickets, cash receipts and direct mailers
  • Posters, flyers, booklets, manuals and brochures
  • Cards, invitations, certificates and announcements

EZPrint allows you to upload your digital files of any size from any web browser in a 24/7 self-service environment.

PDF files are preferred, but most file formats will be accepted. Click the "Order Custom Printing - via EZPrint" button to upload your digital file(s) and submit your order.

Order Custom Printing - via EZPrint »

Note: All Network Submissions are "as is." Please proof read your file carefully before submitting. If you find a mistake after submitting your order, please call 994-5708 ASAP.

Tips for Submitting Your Electronic Job

  • If your job requires special-order paper, please allow extra time for us to order the paper.
  • Please specify if your job must be laser safe and allow extra time for offset printing.
  • Be specific on the date that you need your job delivered.

Electronic Letterhead

An electronic letterhead is meant to for official MSU communications that are distributed electronically. The electronic letterhead is not meant to be used as a stand-alone communications vehicle. Place orders for electronic letterhead below.

Official MSU Electronic Letterhead