Paper Options

University Printing stocks paper in a wide variety of weights, textures and colors. Because we care about the environment, we also carry a complete line of recycled papers. NCR paper, for multi-part carbonless forms and crack-and-peel labels are also available.

For an accurate preview of our papers, come by our shop to see actual samples, or call 994-5708 to have samples sent to you via campus mail.

Making Sense of Paper

There are numerous terms associated with paper grades and types. Some of the following definitions may be helpful when making your paper selections:

Wood-Free Paper: Paper made from a pulp that was produced by chemical processes to remove lignin. Lignin comprises about 50 percent of the dry weight of wood and serves as a binder.

Pre-Consumer Wastepaper: Waste from the production of preprinted forms, greeting cards, folding cartons, and publications such as books and magazines. This wastepaper scrap has no consumer end product use, and is now recovered as a valued raw material for recycling mills. If it doesn't bear an image, it is referred to as a pulp substitute.

Post-Consumer Wastepaper: Any paper that has been used by a customer. It is fiber discarded by an end-user after it has served its intended purpose. It is generally recyclable.

De-Inked Fiber: Wastepaper fiber that has been processed to remove inks, toner, glues, fillers and other contaminants. De-inking is usually performed by a recycling mill utilizing chemical and mechanical unit operations. Additional de-inking capacity is needed to recycle greater quantities of recovered wastepaper. It is not practical to differentiate between pre- and post-consumer de-inked fiber in sorting. Thus, we need a de-inked standard.

Examples of Recycled Labels

If your project takes advantage of recycled or recyclable materials, you may consider displaying the appropriate symbol to denote this. These symbols include:

recycled icons

If you would like copies of these symbols, contact University Communications at 994-5129.

Inks and Printed Colors

Our press operators are experts at mixing ink to match your taste in colors. We are familiar with the Pantone Matching System (PMS) standards and can match inks to a swatch book from which you may choose hundreds of colors. Or, you may bring in your own sample and we will match to that. Computer monitors don't accurately display printed colors, if you would like to see samples of the ink options for your project, please come by our shop and a customer service representative will be glad to show you samples. We can help you pick either single color inks or colors in combination for multiple ink jobs.