Through the Productivity, Quality, and Outcomes agreement, MSU-Bozeman agreed to the following:

"By January, 1996, each academic department will have reviewed and modified its annual review/merit pay process to include assessment of advising as an integral part of faculty evaluation (in place by Fall 1996)."
"By Fall 1996, each academic department will have a plan developed and in place to enhance the quality and accessibility of advising."

Provost Chapman asked the Assessment and Outcomes Committee to gather information about advising for undergraduate majors from each academic department, and he appointed and charged the PQO Task Force on Advising to study advising on campus. After a year-long study, the task force released the final report: The University Advising Plan: A Comprehensive, Collaborative Proposal.

Each academic college or department offering one or more undergraduate majors leading to a bachelor's degree developed an advising plan, which are listed by college below.

College of Agriculture

College of Arts and Architecture

College of Business

College of Education and HHD          

College of Engineering

College of Letters and Science

College of Nursing