Advising Goals

The primary advising goals of the department are to assist students in determining their career goals, and in understanding and meeting degree requirements.

Advising Policy

New students (freshmen or transfers) attend two required meetings during orientation. The first meeting covers degrees offered by the department, employment opportunities and what employers are looking for, and an overview of the curriculum. DA-1 forms, which list all the requirements for graduation and provide an easy way to keep track of progress, are also distributed. During a second meeting, students receive advice and assistance in completing registration for their first semester at MSU.

Continuing students are strongly encouraged to meet with their advisors at least once per semester, and more often if desired. Students are initially assigned to faculty advisors, but students may change to a different advisor if they prefer. All tenure stream faculty have advising responsibilities. Faculty are encouraged to schedule extra office hours during peak advising periods.

Recent Changes and Future Plans

To Improve Quality of Advising

Faculty will be kept abreast of catalog and course offering changes via e-mail. A discussion of advising is a part of orientation for all new faculty.

To Improve Accessibility of Advisors

Students are encouraged to make advising appointments. Faculty are encouraged to post and keep office hours, and to be especially flexible during peak advising periods.