Advising Goals

  • To provide academic advising to the students in the School of Art
  • To provide career counseling to the students in the School of Art
  • To provide a mentoring environment to the students in the School of Art.

Advising Policy

Within the School of Art academic advising is a shared responsibility of all tenure track faculty. Whenever possible students are assigned an advisor with the intent of matching a student's major to faculty with that expertise. (Example: a studio arts major in painting is assigned a painting faculty advisor.) Students meet with academic advisors during the advising week of preregistration and throughout the school year by appointment. Faculty advisors list office hours (two per week, minimum) which allows students to meet with them in their office or find the faculty in their classroom/studio. In addition, faculty advisors are asked to be available during the two days of registration before classes begin each semester. The Director is also available for advising any students in the School of Art and is available during all registration periods and during the three summer pre-registration times. In addition, the Director is the primary advisor for all four guarantee students.

For consistent bookkeeping, Jeanne Wagner, Secretary in the School of Art, is responsible for updating each student's academic progress on the School of Art option sheets and preparing and submitting graduation applications to the Registrar. Jeanne also coordinates all other curriculum matters; drop/adds independent study contracts, etc. pertaining to the student's academic progress.

New faculty advisors meet first with the Director to go over advising responsibility and then meet with the School of Art secretary for procedure information. In addition, the College of Arts and Architecture advising guide is given to new advisors for general information concerning university policies. They also attend the "University Workshop for New Faculty."

Recent Changes and Future Plans

To Improve Quality of Advising

Since Fall 1995, the only change we have made to improve quality is to establish a sign-off curriculum sheet for our students enrolled in the four year guarantee program.

To Improve Accessibility of Advisors

This Fall the faculty are now required to increase their office hours in order to be more accessible to students.