Advising Goals

  • Goal 1: Provide timely advice that helps each student to take the courses required for his or her degree in an appropriate sequence.
  • Goal 2: Maintain complete, accurate, and current academic records so that each adviser will be able to achieve Goal 1.
  • Goal 3: Ensure that one member of the department's staff develops exceptional advising expertise, so that person can provide timely and accurate advice for both students and faculty.
  • Goal 4: Maintain a friendly and helpful atmosphere throughout the academic advising process.
  • Goal 5: Provide students with sound advice about careers and opportunities for postgraduate education.
  • Goal 6: Provide a "sounding board" for students with problems that are not related to academics or career choices.

Advising Policy

A student is assigned to a faculty adviser when he or she declares a major in one of the department's degree programs. Normally, a student remains with the same adviser for the duration his or her undergraduate program. Academic advising is required during each preregistration period. The department has an "open door policy", and students are urged to seek academic or career advice whenever they have questions.

Recent Changes and Future Plans

To Improve Quality of Advising

The Department of Civil Engineering has made no functional changes to its advising system since Fall 1995, but has added two faculty members to its cadre of advisers. The department's faculty feels that its current system is sound, and that the great majority of its students is served very well.

To Improve Accessibility of Advisors

The Department of Civil Engineering has made no changes to improve the accessibility of advisors since Fall 1995, other than adding two faculty members to its cadre of advisers. The department proposes to make the following change: to provide two one-week advising "windows", during which advisers guarantee to be available to students, either on a drop-in basis or on an appointment basis. This should be more efficient for the faculty advisers and remind students that they should contact their advisers well in advance of their registration times.