History and Philosophy

Advising Goals

  • To see that students in history and philosophy complete their program in a timely fashion.
  • To match course selection to student's goals.
  • To encourage students to take advantage of the opportunity to acquire a superior liberal arts education.

Advising Policy

Each History and Philosophy faculty acts as an advisor for student majors. It is expected that advisers meet with each advisee at least once each semester. Faculty post times for students to sign-up during pre-registration week. Regular office hours and appointments are available for additional advising for majors and non-majors.

Recent Changes and Future Plans

To Improve Quality of Advising

We have made no changes in our advising system. We discussed assigning advising duties to only one or two faculty to address the shifting problem, but determined that it was not a useful idea. We are considering a separate advising system for history-teaching option majors that will involve some periodic contact following their graduation. Otherwise, we believe the quality of advising in the department is quite good.

To Improve Accessibility of Advisors

The question presumes that accessibility is now a problem. That is false.