Advising Goals

Provide students regular access to faculty advisors throughout the academic year. Regular office hours are established and posted, and extended during the first week of pre-registration each semester. Faculty are also available by individual appointment. Advising consists of providing counsel in the following broad areas: academics (scheduling, course selection, performance assessment, designing programs of study, learning survival skills), career counseling, time management, resource availability and management, honors programs, scholarships, student exchange programs, and graduate school opportunities.

Advising Policy

In the mechanical engineering and mechanical engineering technology programs, new students are assigned advisors at the beginning of each semester. Students remain with that advisor throughout the undergraduate program. Students may change advisors at their request.

In the industrial engineering program, incoming freshman and transfer students are assigned to a freshman faculty advisor for the first year. At the end of their first year, students are assigned permanent advisors. Students may change advisors at their request.

Faculty advisors are available to students throughout the academic year. Students obtain advice during posted office hours, during the extended-office-hour week corresponding to the first week of class preregistration each semester, and at other times convenient to both the faculty and student. Advising also takes place in the engineering orientation classes (ME 101 and ENGR 101) where students explore the various career options offered in this Department as well as the College of Engineering.

Students are required to see an advisor before they are allowed to pre-register. This is accomplished by requiring students to see their advisors in order to obtain their PDF forms containing individual access codes. Advising is encouraged and recommended at any other time throughout the year as individual needs arise.

A formal advising policy is in place in the M&IE Department (effective October 1995). This policy clearly delineates tasks for the Faculty, Staff, Certifying Officers, and the Department Head. The policy is somewhat lengthy and has not been included in this report; a copy of the policy is available from the Department.

A formal internship program is available to students in the Department. The goal of this program is to assist students with summer job experiences in the industrial sector. Students participating in the program receive considerable advice regarding summer employment and longer term opportunities with various employers.

The Department recently instituted a Mentors program. Upper level students mentor incoming students. While not meant to take the place of advising, this program provides additional counsel for incoming students.

Recent Changes and Future Plans

To Improve Quality of Advising

A new advising policy was put into effect in October 1995. The policy is lengthy and is therefore not included in this report; it can be provided upon request.

The advising policy delineates advising duties for Faculty, Staff, Program Certifying Officers, and the Department Head.

To Improve Accessibility of Advisors

Prior to October 1995, a Departmental Advising Policy did not exit. The new policy clearly delineates roles of all involved in the advising process.