Advising Goals

  • Assist students in the selection of classes that will meet their educational goals, and encourage progress toward a degree.
  • Counsel students on graduate studies and career opportunities.
  • Guide students with personal problems toward professional help.

Advising Policy

Each entering class of students in the professional and interdisciplinary options is assigned to an advisor for the duration of their undergraduate careers. Students in the teaching option are assigned to a specialist in this option. Transfer students are assigned to the advisor responsible for their class.

The chair of the undergraduate committee and the advisor meet with these students during the orientation programs to inform them of the opportunities available within the department and the requirements for their chosen option.

Students meet with their advisor at least once per semester during the advising period to discuss their academic programs and to obtain their personal data forms. They are encouraged to meet with their advisor whenever they have questions or concerns.

All freshmen physics majors are strongly encouraged to take PHYS 100 - Physics Today, in which they are introduced to the physics faculty and the physics profession. They also learn about the undergraduate research opportunities that are available in the department.

Recent Changes and Future Plans

To Improve Quality of Advising

The undergraduate committee devised new forms for the advisors to keep track of each student's progress. We are quite satisfied with the quality of the current advising program, but feel that we can make it even better by putting advising information on the departmental web pages.

To Improve Accessibility of Advisors

The advisors have always been readily accessible.