Assessment Plan – Year 0 Report

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Year 0 Assessment Plan Report is due September 15th .


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Part 1: Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs):

PLOs should be written as specific, measurable statements describing what students will be able to do upon completion of the program.  The assessment of PLOs provide feedback on the expected knowledge, skills, and attitudes that students develop as they progress through their program. 

 List the program learning outcomes:


PLO Description















(Ideally, program will have no more than 5 PLO’s, if you have more than 7 you can expand the table, but consider the consolidation of outcomes)

Part 2: Development of Assessment Plan

Each plan will require the following information:
Threshold Values: Along with PLOs, plans should include threshold values; minimums against which to assess student achievement for learning outcomes.  Threshold values are defined as an established criteria for which outcome achievement is defined as met or not met.

Methods of Assessment & Data Source:  Assessment plans require evidence to demonstrate student learning at the program level.  This evidence can be in the form of a direct or indirect measure of student learning.  Both direct and indirect assessment data must be associated with the program’s learning outcomes.  An assessment rubric will also need to be included that demonstrates how evaluation of the data was used to assess student achievement.
Timeframe for Collecting and Analyzing Data:  Develop a multi-year assessment schedule that will show when all program learning outcomes will be assessed.  As graduate assessment reports are biennial, faculty review of assessment results may only occur every other year, however, annual faculty meeting to review these data and discuss student progress may be beneficial. 

2a. Curriculum Map



Program Learning Outcomes

Course Alignments:
Include rubric, number and course title

Identification of Assessment Artifact


































Year to be assessed















































































Part 3: Program Assessment:

The assessment plan will need to include: 1. how assessment will be conducted; 2. who receives the analyzed assessment data, and 3. how it will be used by program faculty for program improvement(s). 

1) How will assessment artifacts be identified?


2) How will they be collected (and by whom)?


3) Who will be assessing the artifacts?


Part 4: Program Assessment Plan:

All plans must include assessment rubrics (the methodology of how student artifacts are to be assessed, and a threshold for student success attainment.  (The chart below is an example of the information requested…you can configure your rubrics in different ways)

PLO #1 Example: Demonstrate a substantive breadth of knowledge in the field of study.

Threshold Values








Level 1








Level 3




Level 4

80% of students will meet or exceed Level 3 competency

Analysis of Information, Ideas, or Concepts


Identifies problem types


Focuses on difficult problems with persistence


Understands complexity of a problem


Provides logical interpretations of data



Application of Information, Ideas, or Concepts


Uses standard solution methods


Provides a logical interpretation of the data


Employs creativity in search of a solution


Achieves clear, unambiguous conclusions from the data





Identifies intermediate steps required that connects previous material


Recognizes and values alternative problem solving methods


Connects ideas or develops solutions in a clear coherent order


Develops multiple solutions, positions, or perspectives





Check the solutions against the issue


Identifies what the final solution should determine


Recognizes hidden assumptions and implied premises


Evaluates premises, relevance to a conclusion and adequacy of support for conclusion.



(Examples provided should be deleted before submission, add additional rows for all PLO’s)


 Part 5: Program Assessment Plan:

1) How will annual assessment be communicated to faculty within the department? How will faculty participating in the collecting of assessment data (student work/artifacts) be notified?


2) When will the data be collected and reviewed, and by whom?

3) Who will be responsible for the writing of the report?


4) How, when, and by whom, will the report be shared?


5) How will past assessments be used to inform changes and improvements? (How will Closing the Loop be documented)?


6) Other Comments:


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