Name Represents Term Ends
Tami Eitle Academic Affairs N/A
TBA College of Agriculture 2018-19
Dean Adams College of Arts & Architecture 2019-20 
TBA College of Business 2020-21 
TBA College of Ed., Health & Human Development 2018-19
Mike Wittie College of Engineering  2019-20 
Jenny Green College of Letters & Science  2020-21 
TBA College of Letters & Science  2018-19 
Shannon Willoughby Honors College  2019-20
TBA Gallatin College 2018-19 
TBA Library 2020-21 
Meg Konkel NTT Faculty 2019-20 
Vacant Faculty Senate 2019-20 
Vacant ASMSU Annually
Meg Konkel University Studies N/A
Michelle Miley Writing Center N/A
Ken Silvestri Center for Faculty Excellence N/A
Tony Campeau Registrar, Division of Student Success N/A

Length of Term

Faculty: Three years, renewable, staggered

Student: One year, renewable

Appointed By

All positions are appointed by Vice Provost based on nominations from the Colleges, Library and Faculty Senate. Student representative appointed/elected by ASMSU. If an NTT faculty member is not represented on the Committee then the Vice Provost will select an NTT faculty based on nominations from the Colleges.


Vice Provost, Appointed by Position, Term of Office


Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost

Reports Due

Annual report due to Deans’ Council and Faculty Senate and as required to Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost and Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.