AY16-17 Membership; Updated October 2016



Name Position Department Term# Ends
Lee, Ilse-Mari Chair Dean, Honors  - ----
Camper, Anne Member Engineering - ----
Harmon, Alison Member Education, Health and Human Development - ----
Rydell, Robert Member History and Philosophy - ----
Bertagnolli, Ann Member Letters and Science - ----
Idzerda, Yves Member Physics - ----
Leubner, Ben Member English - ----
Schultz, Logan Member Center for Biofilm Engineering - ----
Cherry, David Member Letters and Science - ----
Dana, Susan Member Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship - ----
Smith, Nora Member Agriculture - ----
Wilson, Montana Member Senior Student - ----
Goebel, Tia Member Sophomore Student - ----
Hoffman, Connor Member Junior Student - ----
Cox, Haley Member Junior Student - ----
Leach Garrett Member ASMSU President - ----
Birky, Levi Member Former ASMSU President - ----



Serve as advisory committee on all policy matters pertaining to the University Honors Program, including selection of curriculum, policies, and graduation requirements.


The Advisory Committee shall be free to establish by-laws and procedures as appropriate to its charge and responsibilities. Meetings shall occur consistent with these procedures.


Voting Members: Six faculty selected to represent the broad academic divisions of the university; four students representing the classes (Freshmen through Senior) in the Honors Program; Director and Associate Director of the University Honors Program.
Nonvoting, Ex Officio Members: Provost, or his/her designee; President and Vice President of Honors Student Committee.

Length of Term


Appointed By

Faculty shall be appointed by the Provost; student members shall be selected by direct election by members of the University Honors Program.


Current -- Ilse-Mari Lee
Title -- Dean, Honors College
Appointed By -- Elected from among the voting faculty members of the Committee.
Length of Term -- One year

Advisory To

The Committee advises the Director of the University Honors Program on issues pertaining to the procedures and policies governing the Honors Program. The Committee also advises and reports to the Provost regarding matters of broad policy and curriculum.

Reports Due

As requested by the Dean and/or the Provost