MSU Diversity Council

September 16, 2021

1:30-3:00 pm


Ariel Donohue- Chair,

Senior Diversity and Inclusion Officer


Alison Harmon - Interim Chair,

Academic Deans


Marianne Brough- Division of Student Success


PJ Diamond- Diversity and Inclusion Student Commons


Mayuri Singh – Student Diversity Representative


Nicole Divine- All Staff Council


Bridget Kevane- Academic Diversity Partner- CLS


Kyla Bush- Bobcat Athletics


Brennan Reeves- Office of International Programs


Bradford Watson- Faculty Senate


Michael Lee- Graduate Partnerships


Isabella Roccisano- Associated Students of MSU












Other Participants




Becca Belou


Betsy Danforth


Eric Wold


Kayte Kaminski


  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Approval of minutes from May 20th meeting
    Approved unanimously.
  3. Informational item: President’s Commission on the Status of University Women updates

    Guest: Betsy Danforth and Becca Belou
    Commission was founded in 2011. Mission is to “work towards discovery and elimination to institutional barriers to the success of women and inspire women to become leaders, problem solvers, and innovators making meaningful contributions to MSU, the state of Montana, and society at large.” Had about 28 members but most of the work was being done in subcommittees (policy review, communications, assessment, recognitions, and nominations). In an effort to formalize and institutionalize this work, the executive committee worked to develop a plan forward. Created new part-time position in Office of Diversity and Inclusion to focus on gender equity work.

    There will be a celebration that will take place on 9/28 from 3-5 pm in Inspiration Hall. Will be a celebration of the 10 years of accomplishments of the PCOSUW, invite participants to contribute to an understanding of where we need to go with gender equity work. Please join and spread the word.

  4. Informational item: Chosen name program
    Guests: Eric Wold and PJ Diamond
    Provided an update on the project and steps forward as they prepare to launch. This summer, campuses have updated more than 40 systems that integrate with Banner to configure with chosen name; began rolling out communications plan. Chosen name will go live for students, faculty, and staff on all MSU campuses on October 21, 2021. Students, faculty, and staff may request a chosen name using an online form in MyInfo. More information at
  5. Subcommittee membership
    Announcement: We will be waiting until next academic year to conduct the next university-wide campus climate survey.

    Updating subcommittee membership – We are seeking chairs for two subcommittees: Education & Scholarship; Access & Success. Any members who are interested in serving as a subcommittee chair or who are not currently members of a subcommittee, please email Ariel Donohue. Subcommittees will meet independently to discuss their goals for the year.
  6. Public Comment
    1. Discussion of housing and childcare challenges, which have been significant concerns for faculty and staff. Discussion about housing availability and especially for those who are underrepresented in our community.
    2. Discussion of mask requirements and recommendations
    3. A Seat at the Table – October 14th-October 31st. Conversations among community members. Housing will be the focus of these conversations this year. MSU event will be October 18th and they are looking for facilitators and participants for those conversations.
    4. Homecoming Oct. 4-9. They have moved from binary (king and queen) to ambassadors in service, leadership, and involvement. This change came from students a few years ago.
  7. Upcoming Diversity Events

*Faculty and staff only

**Faculty only


Next meeting: Thursday, October 21; 1:30 – 3:00 pm