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Request for FY22 Funds



  • Answer the following questions as specifically as possible. Submit proposal to the appropriate college Dean.
  • Dean’s office shall prioritize the college proposals.
  • Dean’s office submits a cover memo with a prioritized ranking of proposals with the EFAC form for each proposal to [email protected]
  • Proposals are due by 5:00 p.m., Monday, March 15th, 2021.


Requested by:

Name of department or unit here

Facility Location for Proposed Equipment:

Building and room # here

Total Funds Requested:



  1. Provide a prioritized list of HARDWARE/EQUIPMENT and the estimated cost for each requested




  1. List SOFTWARE requested and the estimated Include upgrade costs and information regarding software licenses on an ongoing basis.




  1. What MAINTENANCE funding is needed for hardware servicing?




  1. Approximately how many students will use the requested equipment during each academic Please list the courses, number of sections per course and anticipated enrollments.




  1. Is the requested equipment replacing existing equipment? If so, please describe the age and condition of the existing




  1. Will any space modifications or additional personnel be required to house, protect, and maintain requested equipment? If so, describe these needs and identify the funding




  1. What alternative funding sources have been pursued to obtain the requested equipment? Identify the available matching Please identify these sources and the amounts available.